Physics Program


The MINOS physics program is dedicated to the spectroscopy of unstable nuclei. For the period 2013-2015, it is focused at RIBF on both gamma spectroscopy with DALI2 and the Zero Degree Spectrometer and invariant-mass spectroscopy with NEBULA at SAMURAI. Combinations of DALI2, SAMURAI and MINOS are also foreseen.


Accepted experiments with grade S or A and construction proposal presented at the RIBF Nuclear Physics PAC and related to MINOS are:

  • MINOS Construction Proposal, PAC11, A. Obertelli (CEA Saclay)
  • Spectroscopy of neutron-rich Ca isotopes, PAC12, J. Lee (RIKEN Nishina Center)
  • Shell Evolution and Systematic Search for 2+1 Energies, Proposal for Scientific Program (SEASTAR), PAC13, P. Doornenbal (RIKEN Nishina Center) and A. Obertelli (CEA Saclay)
  • Spectroscopy of unbound oxygen isotopes II, PAC13, Y. Kondo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Two-Neutron Momentum Correlation in Borromean Nuclei, PAC13, A. Corsi (CEA Saclay) and Y. Kubota (CNS)


Performed experiments with MINOS are:

  • SEASTAR 1 (May 2014): first spectroscopy of 66Cr, 70,72Fe, 78Ni
  • SAMURAI18 (December 2014): study of di-neutron correlation in 11Li, 14Be, 17B
  • SEASTAR 2 (May 2015): first spectroscopy of 82,84Zn, 88Ge, 90,92,94Se, 98,100Kr, 110Zr


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